Pakistani Cricketers With Their Wives

Pakistani Cricketers With Their Wives
 Aamir Sohail with his wife

Abdual Razaq with his wife

Azhar Mehmood with his wife

Danish kaneria

Imran Khan and Jemima

Imran Farath with his wife

Imran nazir with his wife

Inzamam ul haq with his wife

Kamran Akmal with his wife

Misbah ul Haq with his wife

Mohammad Asif with his wife

Moin khan with his wife

Ramiz Raja with his family.

Rina and Moshin Khan

Saqlain Mushtaq wedding pic

Shahid Afridi with his wife

Shoaib malik with his Wife Sania Mirza

Sohail tanveer
Sulman butt with his wife

Tofeeq Umer with his wife

Waqar Yunis and his wife

Wasim_Akram_with his wife

Muhammad Yusuf wedding pic

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Just Amazing yaar.


Excellent and very nice wallpapers. Thanks for sharing these wallpapers. You can also find more nice wallpapers on our website.

who's with sohail tanveer his very 1st wife :) 2 r on record already

Shahid Afridi Rocks and he iz back with sixers and wickets,boom boom Afridi

All are match fixers and friends of dons and terrorists
-Irfan Khan

der wives r angelic...ironical cnsidering how demonic dese cricketers are...betraying der own nation!!!

misbah ki wife sb se pyari he or misbah b buhat beautiful he lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvve u misbah

سہیل تنویر کی بیوی ہنے یا کوئی گرل فرینڈ ، یہ بھی جب بی ساؤتھ افریقہ اتے ہیں ان کے ساتھ ہمیشہ نئی لڑکی ہوتی ہنے.... بوہت بڑا بونڈ ہنے.........

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