Muammar Gaddafi Pictures with his Body Guards

Muammar Gaddafi Pictures with his Body Guards 
Muammar Gaddafi(7 June 1942), commonly referred to as Colonel Gaddafi, has been the leader of Libya since a military coup on 1 September 1969 
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Gaddafi with his body gaurd
 Gaddafi in Young ages
 Gaddafi with his Body guards

 Gaddafi beautiful Lady body gaurd
 Gaddafi Ladies army

 Gaddafi's Son

Colonel Gaddafi
Colonel Gaddafi



I find it interesting how the media changes its images of Col. Gaddafi over the course of time: from a young radical colonel, kind of eccentric, but HEY, whatta guy! to the sinister, diabolical killer. We are being manipulated to an unprecedented degree, not least by photo-editors and reporters who are far from impartial.

American wanted Gaddafi making the cloth doll very very bad purpose. Thanks for sharing this wallpapers. You can also find more nice wallpapers on our website.

I am sorry for all this grieve. And for what...

An Peters

gaddfi was amaizing and strong
Anthony peter

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